Saturday, December 5, 2009

Exterior doors prehanging machine overview

KVAL's RKG-1 exterior door assembly station makes it possible to assemble steel, fiberglass, or wood door units with sidelights, patio door units or double door units according to the company's literature. They say the design eliminates the manual lifting and turning of the doors during the assembly of a door unit with multiple parts. The station is designed to receive a door panel with the hinge jamb or mull post attached, exterior side up.

For double exterior door units, the left-hand door panel would be prepared and rolled into the door machine. The door panel, with the jamb attached, would then be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise and lowered onto non-marking polyurethane wheels. The wheels are positioned to support the door on the bottom and top rail. They provide clearance for door light frames or raised moldings. The second door, with the jamb attached is then rolled into the station, rotated, and positioned next to the first door. The pair of doors is then lowered onto jamb support plates.

The standard RKG-1 door hanger will accommodate doors 6’-8” high and doors that vary in width from 2’6” to 3’0”. With the 8’0” door capacity option, the RKG-1 can be set up to accommodate doors that vary in height from 6’8” to 8’0”. The RKG-1 will accommodate all jamb widths.


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